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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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communities. you'll see in the center a health center with the implementation of obamacare you'll see tvs in the rooms that help people with the skill sets to be part of the 21st century. you'll see thing that are listened to this city interest it was so important to allow the secretary so envision what we want to do with the rest of public housing. we've got 31 thousand other units we're deserve reduce of part of comboirlg. i want to thank our city administrator and the president of the new evenly thauld housing authority commission because they along with working with olsen and our recreational hud office and working with the
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talent that secretary habitation assigned to us we've got talent coming out of chicago and d.c. out of our recreational office to help us with utilizing the newest programs that hud is doing in order to get us up and started and running. and we want every site that we visit in to become investments to the private sectors as well as and join our community based orchestras that we, only succeed to put private monies in and their campaigner. our biggest environment is when people want their families to
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come to san francisco. that's the biggest investment. in order to do that you've got to have schools and a community partnerships and the rest of city government engaged. that's why we have over 1 hundred people engaged in this vision for our groups. we have reenvisioned how we can be more innovative & welcoming. so i want to take the opportunity to thank the secretary and thank president obama for gufz this up to this point for reenforcing the president's view we're about creating lards of opportunity for the community. i can't stress how important that is. and to link that up i've been
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proud to create 6 thousand summer jobs for kids and when they talk to a their parents and they're excited about getting the summer jobs and that's again what president obama has given us when we started this summer jobs plus now we've got 6 thousand jobs this summer. i'll very proud. we'll continue to be working with secretary don vin. this is going to be part and particle of many visits to come. i want to unveil times we're leveraging the federal programs. i know he's existed with when he looks to san francisco such as the demonstration programs we'll be modeling that with him and how it works in such a decency city of san francisco and we'll
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continue to protect our community and be safe also for generations to come they'll get out of poverty cycles by working with our agencies. with that, i want to welcome secretary john donovan. he's sharing his expertise and i know he joins me with the allergy beginnings for public housing. i introduce to you and again welcome secretary john donovan secretary of hud (clapping) >> good morning. good afternoon. what a beautiful behalf day. and i am so happy to be back in san francisco. i'm reminded as i traveled around the neighborhood this morning something that one of my
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former colleagues used to say hillary clinton wrote a book to tanks a village to raise a child and it takes a village to revisit liza village >> a wonderful wonderful leader mayor lee you're an inspiration. we want all your visions for the city to come true. i continue to have absolute commitment to see what you want to have happen in san francisco. it council be more beautifully presented to us. this is a reactor e remarkable neighborhood. and we're inspired by louis from
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your team that's the work that's been done and the work in valuing less than gardens it beautiful oar i came from the middle school and saw one of the lottery performing schools in the city and have a long time the dramatic leap that san francisco has had here. there's no single silver bullet to solve all the problems but it's about bringing together the credible web of partnerships i've seen today. but everyone that's worked has a single goal in mind that they share with president obama. the mayor said the president's been traveling around the country talking about the most important challenges facing our
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country how are we going to continue no matter who you are we can create playgrounds of opportunity into the middle class but you, you came to this neighborhood a decade ago at the housing project before is a child who no matter how hard they worked in school or no matter he or she parents do to get ahead you might see a child who's life span was determined by the zip code they grew up in and that's wrong. we can't allow children's futures to be destroyed because we've failed to create a neighborhood that nufrnz them.
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i've come here today not only to segregate you on your success but to take the example we're seeing in the midgets district to places all around this country. and really looking at it and i've seen here in valuing less than gardens is a community that came together with over $25 million from hud to start a hope 6 development. and the result of that it the absolutely beautiful investment. i wish you could have seen the pictures that i saw what it looked like before. with an 11-year-old and a fourteen-year-old myself any parent would feel lucky to raise
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their child here. the next he step is when president obama came in he helped to get fund to schools that were struggling the most and based on a model the harlem children zone in new york city was the area we wanted to create an effort we called choice neighborhoods that wanted to take the hope 6 example and take it to the next level. and those two efforts the promised neighborhood and choice neighborhoods are ben this community. over 5 years there was a huge investment to the schools in this neighborhood. i talked to kids this morning and they love their teachers and love to learn and be in sullivan
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school but when their parents can't get them for a couple of hours after school it's a expensive after school programs that allow them to continue learning after the school day end. they're dealing with the violence around them they can get counseling in school. all of the pieces have come together to make sure that no child's future is determined just by their zip code. and finally the last pie we at hud awarded $30 million to help create the next generation. as the mayor said we can't build poverty housing or housing that
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concentrates the lottery neighborhoods without groceries or hope and instead where a we need to do is take this hope model and take it to the next level. we've done with that choice neighborhood. and alice griffin i get we'll see you over the next few years a remarkable vision. and you'll see this around the country this is not just something we should do. there are some say we can't afford to do that and i say we can't afford not to do this. every time we do this $22 million is returned to taxpayers. why? because kids grew up and
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they can contribute to society crime goes down and school performs get better before they actually save money in the long run for taxpayers. so alice will be the next one >> we've been so inspired by examples like we've seen here, the president of the state of the union addressed announced we would be taking all the work choices neighborhoods to the next level throughout promise zones effort. not only are we going to bring housing and the education pieces bus the criminal justice efforts and health and human services with clinics and bring all the
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pieces together and transportation mayor we heard about this today. all the pieces are coming together when this fall 20 neighborhoods will bespectacled as promise zones. that will be the culmination of our effort to build on this credible model we're seeing happen before our eyes. the mission district is an inspiration. i can't thank you enough mr. mayor and louis the entire village to create what i see in front of me today. you are an inspiration and i'll go back to washington and talk to the president and make sure that this example lives up to the expectation because no child
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should grew up because of the zip code they were born in arrest thanks for hosting this today. let's take some questions >> questions? >> as you know we're not out of a housing authority sites and are you saying we should get away from the housing authority model and it's innovate truly a private-public partnership but a nonprofit partnership so this is not the way to go. >> so first of all, this is a housing site. ; right? this is what public housing used to be still owned by the housing authority with a strong partner it guarantees
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affordable housing and we had a young girl this morning to say what's the challenges and some housing is getting more expensive. look my job is not to come into cities and say this is the only model that can work. in some cities around the country preserving public housing is traditional funding form has worked well, but in lots of places examples like this but the mayor has started to do is bring in other partners. we want to support whatever the local vision is and we'll provide the tools. choice neighborhoods is one of the tools for distressed housing. our rental housing has helped bring in almost a billions of
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capital with no added monies to the tape recorder. so that's another partnership effort but wherever the mayor says they need the tools. i've been impressed and we're going to do everything we can to support that >> you know part of that we've looked very detailed at the best talent in the city and i must tell you your nonprofit managers are the best talent in the whole country. if you mentioned bridge or chinese development corporation or mission housing development. all of those are strong based nonprofits are star developments that their managing managing for all different incomes and we're going to use that talent.
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that's certainly the direction i'm heading towards. the way we've run the poverty housing in the past didn't work. people lost the vision of what they're doing and they didn't integrate the needs of the residents to the rest of the community. we stopped investing in the very people we were housing. and to me if you keep that in mind, i think we find new solutions. that's why promise and choice are to invaluable to us how you invest in the people and make the connections for them to succeed >> (inaudible). >> the housing authority capital budgets has been cut and
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cut again and might happen again on october 1st so if you can't provide the money that we need does it come from capital? >> what i believe and this president buildings is that sequestration is wrong it dramatically under funds programs and we have a lot of homeless folks going to be homeless again. we have homeless veterans that will be coming back on our streets. so public housing is one example of the defendant stat effects of sequestration and if we as a
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nation can get our priorities right and ask everyone those who have done well over the decades to contributor their fair share. unfortunately that's what sequestration has done. so have we tried to find ways to insure that public housing doesn't suffer given the bad choices by some in congress >> absolutely. it's not about just bringing up in private capital but whether you can have a grocery store or about creating a partnership that opens up public housing housing to be part of the community as the mayor said. yes part of it is getting new
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and creative source of capital but? not a neither nor. the federal government should be doing their fair share and with the cuts we've seen we need to do more. and the president has a budget that would significantly increase housing i hope congress funds that budget. but we're not going to depend upon on congress we're going to continue with the great leaders to save public housing >> last question. secretary (inaudible). mr. secretary can you tell us >> the first thing the president said his greatest
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education was on the south side of chicago. he learned a lot of lessons and he has asked the entire constant to travel around the country and learn the lessons from the community that have not just envisioned but create revitalizations. he told us to learn but the other message he wanted to make sure i got out if we're going to continue to live up to the ideals of our founders in america if this is a country no matter where you come from or what you look like if you work hard and play by the rules he can get ahead. we need to live up to those ideals and that means in neighborhoods
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where traditionally kids have had a tough time getting ahead and even though their lifespan was determined by their zip code we can't allow that. for promise zones his promise is to quadruple our budget and all those investments will help what the community of admission has become >> anyone else? okay. thank you >> thank you. thank you, eve.
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thank you for being here today in our great lovely city hall. and supervisors cowen and our treasurer and our city attorney dennis herrera and fire chief and rec and park and human services thank you for being here and emily commissioner on say status of women and our treasurer island thank you for
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being here as well. and, of course, i'm going to miss everybody. i want to thank the various department heads and the commissioners. i have a number of president's and vice president of exciting commissions that are here today. you know, san francisco is just a really exciting place and today, it's get real exciting. but it's in my pleasure to present to you today and to give the oath to a number of people who are raising their hands of divorcing their personal time of sfaig and giving they're great skills to the city and county of san francisco. those are times when we think if we just sit on things we'll be successful it doesn't work.
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we need the talent of everybody in this city. and that's why we've asked today 32 people to raise their hands and take the oath but most importantly to sacrifice their personal time and give of their skills and a demonstrate their love of the city by doing all the things on the committees and boards we've asked them to serve on. i know that being a volunteer in the past community rise up and people get intergisz and youth and seniors and people who live in the city said the value of volunteer itching and giving to the community. when you use your expertise to help the running of city and a continue to make the city save
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for everyone we have a great city. those are elements and part of the successful city. i want to say to you myself and all my colleagues here depend upon the great accomplishments the great collaboration that you bring to city government and i want to congratulate each and every one of you and many of you for the first time to be part of the cities official family to get things done and to open up what the city means to everyone else who lives and wants to be here. so with that if you're ready. is everyone ready. if i may i want to ask all the appoint tests to stand up and raise our right hand and after i say after the word ii want you
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all to say your name loud and proud and say what commission to which you'll be appointed to. if i may. i >> i. >> one by one. >> that's what i said loud and proud. what's that? (inaudible). >> denise commission. >> derrick disabled - disability
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council. >> laura west from san francisco conservatism corp. >> barbara ann investment board. >> treasure island authority. >> john urban force council. >> southeast community facility and a nancy cowen long term council. >> geena. >> mr. james with the commission. >> lawrence finishing man with the film commission. >> (inaudible). >> max film commission. >> megan white san francisco
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conservatism board and a melanie conservatism commission. >> dr. proper of the over and over side core. >> thank you do slum firm. >> do solemn firm. >> that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the state agency of the california. >> against all enemies foreign and domestic arrest all minimums foreign and domestic. >> it that i will bear true faith and a alliance to the constitution of the united states and to the constitution of the state of california. >> it e that i take this
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obligation freely. >> without any mental recess vase and that i will well, and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter during such time asia i hold the office of. >> for the city and county of san francisco. for the city and county of san francisco >> congratulations i want to thank you. (clappin (clapping). >>


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